Clash Royale Strategies

Clash Royale is a fast-paced, thrilling new game, a combination of cards and strategy. Quickness and strategy are essentials. These are some of the basic tactics, so read carefully, especially if you are a newbie.

Battle Deck

Battle Deck - Building a well-balanced deck is the vital part on your way to the victory. The most valuable ingredient for deck building is the synergy; every card has to work with the other cards. So, it is not about rarity, it is about synergy. Also, it is important to find a balance between defense and offense. Both are equally important.There are two types of damage-inflicting cards in Clash Royale. Point damage cards that can target and destroy only one enemy. They are highest damage-inflicting units in the game. On the other side, splash damage cards can deal damage to multiple enemies, and they are lowest damage-inflicting units in the game. Both types of these cards are necessary, first one for dealing with high HP troops and second for dealing with hordes of low HP troops. Similar to the balance between point and splash damage, we should agree on the importance of balance and combination of Melee and Range Units.


Elixir - One of the crucial tips is the usage of the Elixir. Elixir is produced throughout the battle at a rate of one Elixir every 2.8 seconds. Additional Elixir can only be gained from the Elixir Collector (costs 5 Elixir and will produce 7, so you will gain profit of only 2 Elixir). In the last minute of the battle, the Elixir production doubles (Elixir per 1.4 seconds). You have to be careful, the better a Card, the more Elixir it costs. If you want to achieve victory in the arena, besides the good card placement and balanced deck, you have to maintain your Elixir levels higher than your opponent’s. Having more Elixir than your opponent mostly gives you a chance to raid and defend more easily. You can hold a maximum of ten Elixir during battle. Because of that, it is important not to let your Elixir stay at ten; it’s best not even let it reach ten. Also, don’t let It fall to zero. In both cases, you will help your opponent to defeat you.

TV Royale

TV Royale - TV Royale is a replay gadget that shows battles between two of the top 100 players in the game. TV Royale replays are added hourly so watching some of the best world players is easy and a good way to learn about gameplay and strategies. This replay tool can show you player's clans, the battle deck they used, card stats and player profiles. It is good to remember that battle posted and watched on the TV Royale disappears after 24 hours, being replaced with new one. The good thing with the TV Royale is that you can view stats of cards you haven’t unlock, so you can plan what cards to open first and how to manage free resources properly.  However, you can’t view stats of Legendary rarity cards unless you have the Legendary card. TV Royale is unquestionably a good place to start researching strategies and learning about Clash Royale.

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